I came to the Okanagan in 2001 for a visit, and discovered a whole different world.

flammetaxi7Growing up on a grain farm in Manitoba, I realized the farms out here were definitely more interesting. The following year I made the move to Oliver, and I worked on a fruit and vegetable farm for a German couple.  This is where I learned about Heirloom Tomatoes. I was fascinated by the colors, shapes and above all, the taste! I was taught how to tell which tomatoes were ripe, by watching for little things, like stripes, stars, etc…. I mean, how do you know when a ‘green’ tomato is ripe? There are little hints to watch for.

After leaving the farm, I decided to study a bit more about these fascinating heirlooms. I proceeded to rent some land, and grow my own. Farmers markets were always so much fun, as people would comment, or ask ‘what is that’?  “Are those ready to eat at that color?”

Then the expressions, when they would pop a coloured cherry tomato in their mouth!

People started asking me if I sold transplants. This opened up more opportunity for me, to share my knowledge and teach people to grow their own unique varieties of food.

The Spring of 2010, I began offering 88 varieties of Heirloom Tomato Transplants for sale. I have increased the number of varieties since then. I am proud to say, my personal collection consists of nearly 400 varieties! You can view my Full Tomato Plant and Product Catalogue here.

The plants are started in a 50/50 mix of Sunshine Plant Starter, along with my own worm castings. I started composting on a larger basis in 2009, and my Red Wigglers have provided me with some very rich castings and tea that do wonders for plants!

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